The elements of landscape often provide beginnings for mixed media paintings using acrylic and oil paint, pigment, oil and chalk pastels, mica and wax on canvas, paper and board.

Watercolours from miniature samples archived in albums as colour records to larger watercolour paintings on paper using a range of techniques – colour saturation, flooding, layers, splattering, and washes.

Drawings in sketchbooks with colour notes now form an archive of drawings made on walking trips to places such as Yosemite National Park in the US, the Lot Valley, France, Penwith, Cornwall, Meon Shore in Hampshire and most recently to many places in Shetland.

Collagraph prints are created using card as the printing plate and collage as the method to create an image. Techniques include drawing and cutting, the use of gesso, tissue and wallpaper to create texture. The card is then varnished ready to be printed.

Books made by the artist using a variety of techniques from the hand-sewn with laser cutting to collaboration and publication with an ISBN to risograph printing. Wanderingis an artist book made especially for the exhibition Dazzled, created from sketchbook drawings and notes, watercolour samples and the artists photographs.

Dazzled: recent paintings, prints and watercolours held in Da Gaaderie at Shetland Museum, 2019. The exhibition also included displays of the artist’s sketchbooks, photograph albums and watercolour samples.